Myron "Smitty" Smith Community Pet Food Program

Community Pet Food

Pet Food PantryThe Humane Society of Fremont County understands that people in Fremont & Custer County may struggle financially from time to time. For this reason we provide free pet food on an “emergency” and "supplemental" basis until you can get back onto your feet.

Dur to several individuals abusing the community food program we have had to put procedures in place to ensure that we have enough food to serve those in need within our community, Fremont Humane requires that all participants in the Community Food Program show proof of vaccinations for EACH animal in the home and proof of residency in Fremont or Custer County. Furthermore, we MUST have a working phone number.

While enrolled in the Community Food Program, participants are unable to acquire any new animals to the household. We will only feed animals that are approved upon signing up for the program.

This is a six (6) month supplemental program, meaning that participants can be on the Community Food Program for only six (6) months. After your initial six (6) months, participants will not be able to pick up any dog or cat food without management approval.

Dog or Cat food will be given per the program guidelines and can only be picked up by the person on file unless prior arrangements with management are made.

Pick-ups for Dog and Cat food will only be Tuesdays from 10am-12pm and Thursdays from 3pm-5pm. We are not able to give out community food during any time other than the time(s) listed due to internal staffing issues.

Again, due to so many folks abusing our free community food program we were forced to put new policies and procedures in place. 

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