Does the Humane Society of Fremont County offer spay / neuter services?

We do not offer spay / neuter services ourselves, but we can provide information on local low-cost spay/neuter clinics and can sometimes provide vouchers for discounted services.

The Humane Society of Fremont County understands the importance of spaying and neutering pets to prevent overpopulation and reduce the number of homeless animals in our community. While we do not offer these services ourselves, we work closely with local low-cost spay / neuter clinics to provide our community with affordable options.

We can provide information on spay / neuter clinics in our area and help you schedule an appointment. We also occasionally partner with these clinics to provide vouchers for discounted services to eligible pet owners. These vouchers are limited and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, all of our adoptable animals are spayed or neutered before being placed in their new homes. This is part of our commitment to responsible pet ownership and ensuring that our animals do not contribute to the homeless pet population.

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