Euthanasia & Cremation

We Do Not Provide Convenience Euthanasia

Our shelter does not provide convenience euthanasia. In other words, we will never euthanize a healthy animal or animals with a treatable illness or behavior or because putting the pet down is convenient for the owner. Unfortunately, the room where we euthanize animals is incredibly small and tight for space so, we do not offer the ability for the owner to be present at the time of euthanasia.

We do not have a veterinarian on staff at Humane Society of Fremont County. Our employees that perform euthanasia, work varied schedules so, it is always best to call the shelter prior to bringing your pet in. You can reach Humane Society of Fremont County at (719) 275-0663.

If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please call your local veterinarian for immediate assistance.

Euthanasia and Cremation Fees:

  • Euthanasia with disposal of body: $125.00
  • Euthanasia with return of cremains: $150.00

Cremation Only:

  • Cremation with disposal of body: $75.00
  • Cremation with return of cremains: $100.00

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